Inner beauty in a female. ✿

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Finally, the holidays have arrived :).
I don't feel happy about the holidays, because after the holidays is exam week, so yeah.
I hate to say this, but damn I felt guilty -.-.
Recess, went to ScC, Jolyn, me, Yun Wei, Loohor, Wan Lih, all of us reading the Teentop magazine. I keep criticize how girls in the magazine look. (And If your asking, I'm not criticizing the korean girls, they are too beautiful to be criticize -.-)

Girls in the magazine do the duck lips, the annoying shit fringe covering their eyes etc. Mr. John Tan still say they're beautiful, I mean .__________. eww. I know I may seem bossy If I say this. People who heard me saying this will feel like:" cheh, you really pretty meh? go criticize other girls. "
Yes, I'm here to tell you, I'm not beautiful.


Especially my school look:

Ugly? Yes, I know :D. And just a few person like my profile picture on facebook. Then Wan Lih pointed at a fat girl in the magazine -.-.

Girls, the beautiful ones always get attention more than the ugly ones. But I can tell you one thing, god is fair, beautiful girls are not always perfect.

Beautiful or ugly doesn't matter, the inner heart matters.

I said this thousands of times in my blog, because I truly believe everyone has their good and bad parts,don't cha know? :)

Got lens feel? :)

Important element in human life :)

My current cover picture on facebook :)

Marathon Tee.

This is our Marathon tee for this year, 2012! What do you think? I think Its nice compare to the previous years. Oh, the previous year, 2011, also nice too! I like it. That time I wanted to sign up for this run, but I don't have transport. But actually hor, all these freaking years also GOT BUS DE LORH. I'm so stupid, last year only know -.-.

So, I promised my Jolyn babe we WALK together when form 4. And now I realize also, Its a freaking Sunday! -.-. 4/22. Freaking Sunday I tell you! Means boohoo, no weekend for us. 6:15a.m. must wait @ school. $%$#*&%.

Lol, long time don't have memes right here already .___. but now here's one! XD Y U NO GUY!! (Y) :P.

You said that you love me today, but what about the days 
after today, the months, the years, forever? The sweet talk from your mouth are temporary, not forever :).

Young love doesn't last. Its last when two person takes their relationship seriously.

Love me? Prove it to me then.

Care and love me like a mother, be strong like a father, protect me like a brother, tease me like a sister, pamper me like a baby, hugs me like a friend, kisses me like a lover.
-V quotes-


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