Insteresting stuff #1.

Victoria here :).
I been thinking to post about something in my blog while doing Maths homework.
Almost all students will post about their school life in their blogs. If you repeat reading the same topic again again and again, you will be bored right? :D. So I decide to post something  INTERESTING today :). I don't know If ya all think its interesting or not -.-.

Before you start, click my Nuffnang ad sunshines! <3 :].

This is the topic of the day.
ARE YOU JOKING ME? (If your asking) no :).

Interesting fact of Victoria's pencil box/case.

This is mua's pencil case :).

Open my pencil case.

Loadingggg.... xD

Their are a few interesting stuff that I found in my pencil case.

1) The eraser.
Have you ever wonder, you never finish using an eraser, but its gone! -.- So I'm gonna break record by finish using this eraser, almost there -.-. FYI: Lamest record ever, yet still reaching for it :3.

2) Highlighters! :D.
They play a very important role for your studies! I have 5 Highlighters, all cheap cheap XD.
I love the pink one the most , so I hardly use it -.-.
The blue one same with Jolyn babe! (Y)

The purple one is the most darkest colour, not suitable for textbooks. So URGE while you buy highlighters, they will cause DAMAGE your textbooks. I regret for buying purple -.-.

3) Pens
3 pens specially for my dear 学生手册, which I have to say, ITS NOT FREE, but our school, headmistress, discipline teacher GAK MAI said:" ITS FREE! SO PLEASE USE IT. "
Bullshyt, It cost me RM7 (If I'm not wrong). KC students, suitable emotion >> T.T

4) My dear blueeey stapler, very big siz-C (cantonese, a.k.a size in English) T.T.
Hardly fit in my pencil case, I just STUCK inside -.-. Every time I open my pencil case, Its the first one who come out from my pencil case, saying:"I'm FREE!" Then later on I put back in my pencil case, it will say:"haiz, suan liao lah, *ESCAPEPENCILCASE!"

5) Correction tape
Broken, yet still using.

Almost out of correction tape, Its just full 2 days ago, until pm essay comes in.

6) Ruler.
Don't steal my ruler, If you do, I will kill you, cause you see it, MINE! :D.

7) My mechanical pencilssss

Pensil yang biasa digunakan. -.-

Pensil yang menyimpan sebagai emas xDDD.

So, is it interesting or just plain bored like the other post? :).

Funny parts of today:
Awkward moment while doing P.E -__-.
When Yihong said pm teacher is good, from pm teacher to ass to Octobus K :X.
(Very perfect shape, I want reach this target -Jolyn Babe xDDD)
While our pm teacher wiping the board, her ass... XD. ahaha.

Save the world <3.


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