Love Lingers ღ


Welcome March, be a good month.
Gosh! Time passed so fast! -.-. From January, school starts until now. But, ONE THING KEEPS REMAIN! Guess....
No, not homeworks.
Not projects.
Not teachers.
Yes, FRIENDS -.-.

Few days didn't blog already -.-. And finally weekends, homework piak aside and come infront of the computer screen :D. Quiz pouring down.
Pitbull ft. Anthony- Rain over me.
My version: Aiyaya, Aiyaya, quiz pouring over me! -.-.

Strawberries reduces stress. (Y) :D
Daddy brought strawberries from I-don't-know-where :3.

Victoria :3.

My komsas book actually xD. Alala. Later Cikgu kill me -.-.

Moral project deducted marks by teacher zz.
Here's one picture thats is NOT UGLY xD.

Macam yes. No, is memang Yes :D.

This photo is specially for Lim Yihong! (Naaa! LYH! Actually I want put your name PINK colour de lorh! I put it blue to show your "Man-ness" xD)
Jolyn, the person who saw this pack of tissue XD.

Some of you may ask, What so special about this pack of tissue .__.?
The previous weeks, I don't remember which week. LYH teased my babe Jolyn, said her Forever Alone. He said:" This tissue are for those forever alone people use. "

You saw the penguins above? Before using this tissue, we must tear the center of the tissue. That will cause the penguins to separate -.-. So both of them forever alone. So I told Jolyn:" Next time we use this pack of tissue must not tear the penguins apart. So I did It! Beat that LYH XDDDD.

Nuffnang Ad :)

好心人, 请把我的纸还给我. please! :(


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