Click My Nuffnang babes! :)

Finally changed my browser to Google Chrome  (╯3╰). I know I out dated, but who cares? xD.
I miss my Firefox, but I want to try new browser, so yeah :).

Hangout in Midvalley with Joey & Michelle yesterday.

Today's outfit << ;).

While waiting for Michelle, joey and me first went to sushi king to cure our hungrrry stomach ^^.

Sushi King! :D

Joey playing with my camera :x.

Maths .__.

Me doing maths. © Joey.

© Joey.
W.T.F = Where's The Food?
Right below! :D.

My Soba 



Then we took a few pictures :-D.

Michelle & Me :). ©Joey

-.- ©Joey

Michelle's meal :3.

Hellooo ! (◕ᴥ◕) ©Joey

Myself, acting Chio xD. haha.

Michelle & Me again. (I look ugly -_-lll)

Joeyyyy! xD

#Part 2.

Michelle :3.
Went around and search for clothes.
- I really like that shirt.. T.T. I'm gonna go back and buy! :(.

Then, movie time !  


My favourite character in the movie.

He's very hawt and very cute! (Y)

Granny Norma.
She's AWESOME! I wish I have this kind of granny xD. haha

I like this guy too. Very funny xD.

She's very beautiful, just like Taylor Swift as well, but her hair is blonde.

Walk walk & walk, nothing special, then home.
-Called Jolyn babe for 1 Hour 30 Minutes.

他真的...  很特别.


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