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Thats what make us beautiful.

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Parents Day. -Video
The video was really naice, thanks to Yuet Ming and her crew :).

Baby you like up my world like nobody else,
the way that you flip your hair get me overwhelmed.
Oh when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell,
you don't know~
You don't know your beautiful.
If only you saw what I can see,
you'll understand why I want you so desperately,
right now I'm looking at you I can't believe,
you don't know~
You don't know your beautiful~
Thats what makes youB-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L♥.

Thank you mummy&daddy for giving life to me, without both of you, I won't even exist.


即使苦辣酸甜, 我们还是一家人.

We are family.
Hey guys, the weather is getting hot these few days. So drink more water :) okay? Take care. I'll see you all next time ^~^.

偶erhai会xiangnianni, 但是nidoubuzai意

Oh, baby.

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Random title.
Random picture.

Been practicing singing.
English song
What makes you beautiful- One Direction ♥
Regine's favourite xD.

I love the way my class sing together.
I love our smiles.
I love that we gave spirit to each other.


Oh, baby. Oh, darling. nizongbuzhidaowozaixiang shenme

Jogathon HEREIAM. ✩

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Hiiii :D
Finally! Jogathon in 2012.
22/4. Great day.
Photos of the day.

Before I start this post, I wanted to thank my Mummy.
For waking up @ 4 ++ a.m. just to accompany me to school.
Iloveyouverymuchmummy [♥]

Its very early. I reach school @ 5-ish.
Went 广东义山 by school bus.

See! The Sun haven't rise yet! :/.

These guys are totally wasting our time :/.

And we start.
Here is the beginning of the run.

We ran for so long.
Suddenly, wild sign appeared and showed us we just ran for 3km.
Ran with Constance&Jolyn and many other students.
So call, Sexyman&woman.

And then, another wild sign appeared saying:" Water Station. "
That time I was very thirsty, so I ran like an idiot toward the water station.
End up, nothing there.
4 words. 骗我感情 -.-

But It hasn't end yet.
Some people said:" FREE WATER "
And hope rose. So 3 of us got water! YESRH. SURVIVED. ^^v

After the run.
I can barely feel my legs. Its paralyzed. f*cked.

SportsDay '12. ♡

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19.04.12Thur@Kelana Stadium

Picture of the day :3. ♥

Where my Jolyn go?
Dafuq -.-.

I'll let the pictures do the explaining ;).