Jogathon HEREIAM. ✩

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Hiiii :D
Finally! Jogathon in 2012.
22/4. Great day.
Photos of the day.

Photooftheday #1

Photooftheday #2

Before I start this post, I wanted to thank my Mummy.
For waking up @ 4 ++ a.m. just to accompany me to school.
Iloveyouverymuchmummy []

Its very early. I reach school @ 5-ish.
 Went 广东义山 by school bus.

See! The Sun haven't rise yet! :/.

And here's pixie :P

Its so obvious. The dark one is mine and the bright one is Jolyn's.

These guys are totally wasting our time :/.

And we start.
Here is the beginning of the run.

We ran for so long.
Suddenly, wild sign appeared and showed us we just ran for 3km.
Ran with Constance&Jolyn and many other students.
So call, Sexyman&woman.

Maybe small, but saved my life :D

And then, another wild sign appeared saying:" Water Station. "
That time I was very thirsty, so I ran like an idiot toward the water station.
End up, nothing there.
4 words. 骗我感情 -.-

But It hasn't end yet.
Some people said:" FREE WATER "
And hope rose. So 3 of us got water! YESRH. SURVIVED. ^^v

Wild Sun rises! -.-

For Jolyn :). She said flowers are nice there. #TRUESTORY.

After the run.
I can barely feel my legs. Its paralyzed. f*cked.
Simply find a spot and sat there.

My favourite about that place was the view there.
Super nice.
Photos below:

So natural.

I melted.
哈! 你确定是他么?
是 =).


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