OUR 1st Kiss :-)

Click my pretty Nuffnang sunshines! ()

Hello Sunshines :). How are you today?

Just as I said.
Vivian and my kissing picture xD.
Later Jia Yin Jie angry o.o.

I didn't kiss properly, sorry :P.
I am laughing so shyt hard that time.
Sorry ma dear Vivian xD.



I want kiss someone now xD hahaha.

Her Description for this picture:
数学老师和他的女友 ;P
so bad lah this woman -.-.

My current favourite songs (Y) :D.

Jay Chou MINEMINE ()
Very nice songggg!
Listening while typing this post :D.

Mai Kadazan Au's Birthday today!
*clapsclaps* 8D.
Happy Birthday deeeeear :).

This is your life, live it and make it GLOW.

~ Vic quotes ()


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