SportsDay '12. ♡

Click My Nuffnang Ad :D.

19.04.12 Thur @ Kelana Stadium

Picture of the day :3.

Where my Jolyn go?
Dafuq -.-.

I'll let the pictures do the explaining ;).


Curi-curi shot xD.

Haley&Jolyn :).

Finally our picture together. @HuiWen.

haha, fake death -.-


Min Xian & Hui Wen :D.

Hui Wen&Zhi Yuan

Zhi Yuan & me :).

Leng lui @ left hand side :x

Muackss :*

Jump SHOT ! (Y)

Memang Yes ;**

NIPS. <3

Shot DUA.

Thanks Zhi Yuan! ^^

haha, see! sweet xD

Zhi Yuan again~

Don't Kacau Me >< !!!

Sexy Man Wan Lih and Haley :PP

They look like dolls don't they? xD

Wan Lih being 蜡像 again :P

Wan Lih lazy to be 蜡像 xD. haha. Terusnya take :P

This figure suits mua ^^

Next post: THE run xD.


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