We're just PL@IN Cr@Ʒŷŷ xD

Click on my Nuffnang. Thanks! :).

Yesterday was sport practice @ Stadium MBPJ Kelana Jaya.
Yes, we changed location this year. Idk what our precious MCD thinking :).

Jolyn&I finally can talk like whole day! :D.
The Sun was HOT. "Burn b*tch BURN!!!!" I said, while listening One Direction's One thing in the stadium and also facing the really hot sun.
Lesson learned. Bring fan or umbrella next Thur.

Photo of the day:


Long story short talk. Took photo with my favourite girls :3.

I told her to do that :X.

lolol. Vivian perasan-ING xD.

I look -.-.

WTF am I doing!! -.-

Suet Voon, Me, Yun Wei :). My hair dropped off! -3-

Me and The Girls <3


Ai yor, see right side, lenglui punya. Constance! :]

Both leng lui here xD.

Cheeeeese! Haley, one of my favourite girl :).


I really like this picture (Y)! =3.

Yihong, one of my favourite girl also XD.


Here's both 两公婆 xD.
Play play with my camera :P.

Wild things appears, then we took picture and keep climb this thing lol!
Vivian took photos of me and her. Photo coming soon.

So this is me and Haley :].

I (Y) this! My legs look slim! :D. lol.

Lai come come, family photo

Jolyn same expression :P. hahah

Sore throat + nose block + cough :).
Welcome sickness -.-.

Don't change because of the world, let the world change because of you :)
Turn around, you may see the differences.   
 ~ V quotes.


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