You got in my way. ✿

Click My Nuffnang Ad, thank you =).

Helloooo everyone !
I am SUPERB FEELING NOT WELL the other day.
My nose blocked :-'(.
I hate you! I went screaming on twitter later then x-D.

If your asking my results.
I'll give you a :-D.
But you guess the meaning.

Nothing special, just a random Sunday.
Playing Tetris these few days. Tetris rules! (Y)
I don't know If I am plain stupid or let myself losing to other players.
I love listening music while playing Tetris. But shit that makes my game lag :-'( howhowhow?

YES! Going out with Jolyn again. On May 06 :3.
Who wanna join us? :3

My new boyfriend.
Thanks for taking the picture :-D.
I'm just kidding >> 
Lol x-D.

My new profile picture on facebook.
Support ! :-D.


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