I shouldn't expect.

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Finally Saturday!
I can rest, abit.
I'm so tired for the whole day.

We had double period recess today.
The canteen was, full.

Talked to Jolyn, YJ Lee.
I don't know how to express my feelings, inside me, I just can't.
I am okay, I am alright.

Sorry, don't be so close to me, don't treat me nice, don't act like you fall for me when you never did.
I will believe it.
I am happy, I am fine, I am not sad at all :).

The ones who sacrifice the most did not get any love in the end.

Love is empty, a feeling.
Which I will ignore, for quite a long while.
I am an ice berg, note that down.
I am cold, I am mean. No one is meaner than me :). I didn't doubt that at all.
Only Jolyn would sacrifice herself for a beast like me.

Everything happened in just a minute.
A minute that its to short for me to realize.
Now I realized, make sure nice, really means nice.
Take that as an advice.
Well, thanks to you.

I didn't write about my feelings in here, much.
I don't always talk about it, either.
Because I don't want to think about it anymore, I want to get over all this unlucky, bad, shit days.
My blog is just full of happiness, laughter and smiles.
If I have a shoulder to lean on, I will burst out tears, crying, saying all my feelings.
Feelings that were covered deep down, deep deep deep down in my tiny heart.

Valeria Lukyanova.
A Russia barbie doll.
I really like her.
She has everything that a girl needs.
Some people said she is fake, plastic surgery or so so.
But I really trust that she has natural beauty.

Support :).


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