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05 May 12. Sat.

Boomshakalaka :D
I'm back ! :).

Went to mom side cousin party last Saturday.
Wait! I forgot something. Its may already! Time pass, damn.
May, please be a freaking good month ;).

May, ahhhh, a special month contains special days.
Mother's Day.
Teacher's Day.
Valentine's Day of course ;).
Also, my dear friend's and of course my PAPI's BIRTHDAY. SAME DAY AS MOTHER'S DAY :D.

Our school have a lot of activities fall on May, like usual :). Reaaaalllyyyyy can't wait lah! :D.

Okay okay! We're too far from the topic for today.
Mom side cousin party.

I have serious stomachache that woke me up that mornin'
But.. I still had cupcakes, without cream :P.
FYI: I don't like cream -.-.

Anyway, Costance's full moon party at outdoor of a condo.
When you step in the housing area. Its like a small town. Plus, there are white people. Its like London. God dammit. When I walk around there, I told my sister:" I'm in London! #MOTHEROFGOD. "

So here's the food.

EEE! Cupcake with lots of lots of CREAM x.x

Saw lots of people there, or should I say strangers.
I went there for food, only -.-.

They have huge pool there, I might die inside If I go down xD.
Drowning also no one can see. Other people still eating food while I'm drowning -.-.


Time passes, but you are still the old you.



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