❥ MOMMA day.

Nuffnang please <3 :)

Firstly, I have to wish a very good friend Happy Birthday.

Joey Wai. 

We knew each other for like 4 years, 5 months :).
She is a really great friend to me.
Whenever I am down, she will be there for me :D.
We do mostly everything together. Lunch, tuition etc ;).
Happy Sweet 16th!

Next topic is my MOMMA.

Firstly, I wanted to apologize to my mummy and all friends who are reading my blog.
I have no new pictures from now, cause my camera suddenly spoilt.
Okay, actually I dropped to the floor. But I just dropped ONCE! :(.
How fragile :'(.
The camera work pretty fine, able to review pictures and stuff. Just that It can't take pictures! URGGGGGHHH T.T.
So sorry guys! :(.
I have a new bag I really wanted to share with you guys, but the camera broke :'( aww......

Old picture take on February.

Did you see there is a woman in the picture above.
In January 03 1996, This woman give birth to a baby girl, a female #YOUDON'TSAYxD.
I am a fat ass when I was born. 3.3 kg. Fat ass.
She wasted her time on both child because she loves them.

And right now today, this baby girl grew up.
She is a stubborn girl, she doesn't like to listen advice.
She is me.

Thank you mummy for giving birth to me.
Thank you for loving me, the way I am.
Thank you for caring me.
Thank you for building a healthy body for me.
I am proud to say, I did not get nose bleed before :).
Thank you for supporting me always.
And also my dad.
Today is his birthday.

Words cannot express my feelings to both of you. Just wanna say



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