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30 Of June. ♥

Hey guys! :).
Just some photos to end this month.
30 of June.
July, Please.. PLEASE be a very good month to me. PLEASE!
Gaaaah, just playing with my camera and shot some photos.


Nuffnang Ad thanks! :D

Journey to Penang, Part 3.


Last day also the last post of Journey to Penang.
Haven't see the other parts?
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Jolyn woke me up 2 times today.
Well, honestly, the hotel bed was kinda comfy, yet hairy, a lot of hair, below the sheets.
Which makes it pretty eww for me.

Morning breakfast.

This is the difference between KL and Penang.
In KL, we call this bowl of mee, harmee, which means prawn noodles,
yet in Penang, Its call FookKianChiaw. I don't know how to translate this one.

Jo&I were shocked when the beautiful waitress put that "Fook Kian Chiaw" on our table.
I still cofirm:" You sure this is Fook Kian Chiaw? "
Well, of course, she nodded.
Such big differences, huh?

Also, we went to the native shop to grab some native.

Actually we're suppose to go to a temple, but its RAINING! So we decided to sleep in bus until the others come back. 极乐寺(JILESI).
Rest station visit again, bought some food for lunch.

And then the photos …

Journey to Penang, Part 2


Tuesday morning, I am the last one who woke up. Pig.
Jolyn bathed I also haven't wake up. Lol.
Doll up myself (which I don't look like a doll, the meaning is change in here.) went down the lobby and wait for the others.
We are the earliest! #Proud.

Shared Banmee with Jolyn, not much appetite but breakfast is a must in the morning am I right? :)

Then we went back to the hotel and the participants for the competition dressed up. While me, as a tourist, followed the other tourists to a tour for Penang.

Next stop Dewan Pulau Pinang again.
I helped Jo to carry her heavy instrument, Its really heavy, inside the hall, the teacher shouted at me -.-.

We, as tourists, went to Prangin Mall.
I shopped with Reika dear, didn't buy anything.
Reika searching for a naicee bag, I search the shoe I craved.

Went lunch with her too :)