Baby Victoria. ♕

I know I am suppose to post about Penang Trip.
Sorry dears! I broke my promise :'(.

Its been a tough week, not just me but all the Kuen Cheng-ians and those who are having exam throughout the week.
Its a relief that we can rest for 2 days, and then continue our exam on Monday, last day. #Longsigh.


I shall post about my new baby.
If you are my follower on Twitter, you will probably see this tweet.

Aww, I favourited my own tweet. #okay. #foreveralone.

Thanks to my mummy.
Iloveyou ♥♥♥♥♥♥

I finally got a camera to update :).
My mom is a huge investor of my blog.
She bought me a new baby.
Nikon J1, white.

Thanks to the salesman too.
Got discount after bargaining for a long time. Hahaha.
Too expensive :/.
Other new cameras from Sony, Canon, not interested :P.
I won't buy anything expensive anymore for months! #heartache.

From Midvalley to KLCC that day to meet up cousssyyy :3.

Madam Kwan'sssss ;).

Trying out my new baby :3.

le me with unbalance hair, thanks to the barber :/.

I look... depressed :/.

Continuous shots for roses.

Yam milkshake (Y).

Far view.

Chicken chop, all time favourite.

My mom asked:" Why you always chicken chop? "
I answered:" I am a western woman! :P "

hahaha, yeahright -.-.

I should take a picture of me&mynewbaby :3.

Ciaoooo! :3.
Catch out my next post. Or next next next next post in the future! :))).


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