Enjoy life, this shit is short.

Hello world. I've been gone for awhile, and now I have many post to keep up :X.
Do you miss me? SAY YOU DO :D.

Exam ended. 18~25th.
I've been mental abuse for 6 days.
Jolyn 7 days. Especially the first day, Chemistry essay those shit lol.
Ohhhh. I felt the pain. But now the pain is OVEEEEER!

I wonder who create exam? Maybe that person too bored nothing to do, and then thought of an idea to abuse himself and other generation. Watch out, he is smiling at his grave -.-.

I've been a lazy bum for this time exam.

Few interesting photos:

I hope you all think Its interesting too!

Me&TheJo, We're graduated!

Actually we took this when education fair in our school.
That time I only knew I got many pimples LIVE on my forehead. SHOOOOOO!
They said I look like applying make up, I was like WHHHAA..T? .____.

The Batik me & my best sis made.

Thanks to my sister and my hard work, we done this.
Not so beautiful, but 100% in my heart :3.
Took before hand in.

I like the taste of this fruit, but I hate eating it!
Only absorb the juice, all punya SEED!
It has TINY SEED! :(
I wanted to shallow, but my mom:" SPIT OUT SPIT OUT! Cannot shallow! "

Coco pearly milk tea, the yam way.

This pearl tea bought by my sister near her college.
I prefer ONLY tea, no pearl thank you :D.
I was like chewing small elastic balls in a cup that time.

FYI: I am going to write 2 post today.

Enjoy blog lovers.

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