Journey to Penang, part 1.

As I promised, Penang post released :).

4/6/12 Monday

Yes, first day of the Penang Trip with Jolyn and string orchestras.
The trip that I have been excited for months, with Jolyn :).
We keep imaging that we are those shopaholic. Buy this buy that, wearing pretty clothes and look sexy.
But meanwhile in the real life, we're not. Well, I'm not.

Reached school on 5-ish.
Other people wearing school curriculum Tee, while I am wearing this shirt below!
I am fcking embarrassed and weird.
Everyone looking at me as I am a criminal who came in school to steal something. Our school has nothing to steal, old facilities.

Anyways, the beginning of the trip.

Me in bus, hello 4/6 morning birds.

Well basically, the first day of trip is ALL ABOUT visiting the REST STATION.
What I like about this day was the open-air toilet like Jolyn said.

le Jo & me @ the first station.

Sky in Penang, same as KL.

Ghost face & The Jo.

After hours, finally reached THE HOTEL :D.
We lived in Vistana Hotel.
I heard that It is a 4 star hotel. Well, I doubt that.

le roommates: Jolyn, Xin Yu, Shu Qi, Jia Le, Hai En.
There were 3 rooms there, we separated, 1 room, 2 person. I same room with Jolyn! Shu Qi with Jia Le and Xin Yu with Hai En.

Our bed.

schedule for our journey.

I love my eyes, Gaaah, I just love myself

Jolyn&me lying on bed like awesome slumber party. haha.

And then the embarrassed moment happened.
We actually followed the journey schedule, and we were MOST LATE. Everyone in bus waiting for us! We're running like idiot sea dog, with 2 hands flapping towards the bus -.-. #embarrassed.

While the string orchestra also include Jolyn went to practice @ Dewan Sri Pinang, we, the tourist went to visit the beach :D. Awesome beach with sea water, pigeons, reef and also some additional TRASH :). Thanks to humans who created these TRASH in the sea. Letting the sea being polluted, applause for you :/.

Sea View:


© Reika.

I look like an old aunty here, aww..... :(.

I love the beach! :3.

Nose nice here :3.

Me&Reika dear :D.

She playing phone without noticing.

Pigeons, how interesting :).

Kids playing in playground.

Look! They have sea creatures cartoon inked on the floor.

le Starfish.

le Turtle.

Me in windy afternoon.

When back to Dewan Sri Pinang before 6p.m.
Went to the Gurney Plaza.
Things there are seriously cheaper than KL.
Jolyn, Xin Yu & Me shopped together :3.

zig zag elevator.

Went to this restaurant for dinner.

First meal in Penang, very spicy.

Thats me (:

Gather and wait for bus.

The first day ended here.
I just bought a red belt with heart holes. Thats all -.-.


Stay tune for next post. Journey to Penang, part 2.


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