Journey to Penang, Part 2

5/6/12 Tuesday

Tuesday morning, I am the last one who woke up. Pig.
Jolyn bathed I also haven't wake up. Lol.
Doll up myself (which I don't look like a doll, the meaning is change in here.) went down the lobby and wait for the others.
We are the earliest! #Proud.

Outfit for the day, sexy singlet inside :P.

Le Jo & Me.

Shared Banmee with Jolyn, not much appetite but breakfast is a must in the morning am I right? :)

BANMEE in the morning

Then we went back to the hotel and the participants for the competition dressed up. While me, as a tourist, followed the other tourists to a tour for Penang.

Headbands me and Jo bought from the pasar pagi. RM5 each :3.

Jolyn looked emo. In the lobby.

Me with armpit fats. :P

Me&Jolyn near the ballroom.

Look at de white camera on my hands, ITS Baby J.

Next stop Dewan Pulau Pinang again.
I helped Jo to carry her heavy instrument, Its really heavy, inside the hall, the teacher shouted at me -.-.

We, as tourists, went to Prangin Mall.
I shopped with Reika dear, didn't buy anything.
Reika searching for a naicee bag, I search the shoe I craved.

Its just a big cardbox, nothing behind there only sticks and woods. DAFUQ. #Trolled.

Puffy Toys! omggeee!

Hello Kitty

de Domo.

Huge bear, expensive. RM189.

Went lunch with her too :)

Fishy fishy xD

The food: normal.

I don't wanna talk about the service. Don't think we didn't wanna pay money okay? f.
For the conclusion, I didn't buy anything, Reika bought a nail sticker.
Then, we went back to Dewan Pulau Pinang to fetch participants.

Many people there! Hot!
The conclusion is Group A got 1st place & Group B got 3rd place. Congratulations.

le beautiful Hui Shi & Jolyn babe.

They're so formal!!! So pretty! :D

Later on, we went to Queensbay mall.
I shall call it a shopping mall day, as I visited 2 malls in a day.
My leg got cramped. Great! :/

Waited for both Xinyu&Jolyn get change.

Me& my lao po here :D.

The mall all things was same price like KL. I thought Forever 21 is cheap! :(
We went in then got out. LOL. #awkwardmoment.

We went to all kinds of shops. Walk until our leg cramp.
My leg cramp + cramper, lol, DAFUQ I am talking? ._. hahaha

Then we wanted to eat. So the tragedy story of 3 of us finding ONE restaurant.
- We were hungry.
- We went to the map in the highest part of the shopping mall.
- Saw a map.
- Took it down with my camera, so Its easier to view.
- Set target to Wong Kok (A Hong Kong restaurant).
- Then we search around, we found nothing.
- Xin yu asked the manager, then we only knew that they had shut down their restaurant.
- Okay, nvm then, so we view the map and decided to go T-bowl.
- We went to T-bowl restaurant, which is a very far distance between Wong Kok & T-bowl.
- Okay, so T-bowl haven't even start their business, COMING SOON.

Sigh, tragedy isn't it?
Went to 2 restaurant, one shut down, one haven't start business.

Our legs were cramped, but they still decided to find a store name:" Mirror Mirror. " yeah, something name like that.
They thought it sells mirror.
In the end, red and black clothes there! -.-

Went to a Japanese store.
All things RM5.
I don't believe at first because in KL, it says RM5, but when you got in, still got RM10 somemore, troll me arh? -.-

But in Penang, Its true.
I regret I didn't buy something in there! :'(. *sobshard*

Jolyn with windmill.

Who is that? You don't wanna know -.-

Regret nowww!

And LASTLY, we decided to go to a restaurant name TAIWAN BULL.

Me again, hope you don't get bored (゜∀゜)

Food at last!

The owner of this restaurant, Marcus.

The very very very good and nice waiter in this restaurant.

Did you notice that I x-large the restaurant's name?
This restaurant, has de MOST BEST SERVICE I EVER MET.
I am serious.
The waiter, this uncle above, changed our receipt for 3 times, even though we refuse. He is a very nice person! He helped us shake our drinks! :)))).

And the owner of the restaurant, Marcus, BOW TO EVERY CUSTOMER before they leave the restaurant. He is a very friendly, nice person, with a "sweet" mouth of course.
你们很美丽, 就像你们的相机 (my baby J)
  You all are beautiful, just like your camera. (my baby J)

Jolyn: at least he tried.

Still wanna say their service is the best.
Back to hotel.

The view.

Picture #1

Picture #2

Jolyn&my reward for the day :D. All cheap stuff.

Played game at other people's room.

Jolyn & me in PJS.

PJ view! :D chik-cak.

Its getting bored and BORED. So they split.
Went back to our own room. Jia Le, Shu Qi slept.
Only the seniors, Xin yu, Jolyn, Hai En & Me :D watching Tv, later Xin yu slept on the couch.
She's a heavy sleeper.
Me&Jo studied in our room then Hai En joined us.
I study history, not 1 page, I slept -.-
Jolyn saw, but I didn't see her sleeping.
Then we all slept.

Good night world, Penang that day.

Haven't see Penang 1?

Nuffnang Ad please ? :)

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