Journey to Penang, Part 3.

6/6/12 Wednesday

Last day also the last post of Journey to Penang.
Haven't see the other parts?
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Jolyn woke me up 2 times today.
Well, honestly, the hotel bed was kinda comfy, yet hairy, a lot of hair, below the sheets.
Which makes it pretty eww for me.

Morning breakfast.

FookKianChiaw in Penang! ΰ² ˯ΰ² 

This is the difference between KL and Penang.
In KL, we call this bowl of mee, harmee, which means prawn noodles,
yet in Penang, Its call FookKianChiaw. I don't know how to translate this one.

Fook Kian Chiaw in KL.

Jo&I were shocked when the beautiful waitress put that "Fook Kian Chiaw" on our table.
I still cofirm:" You sure this is Fook Kian Chiaw? "
Well, of course, she nodded.
Such big differences, huh?

Also, we went to the native shop to grab some native.

Me&Jo bought these, each person 2. RM10 per box.

Actually we're suppose to go to a temple, but its RAINING!
So we decided to sleep in bus until the others come back.

Rest station visit again, bought some food for lunch.

Makes me think of A&W :(.

Looks delicious huh? Small sausage, a lot of cream :'(. I cried. Menolikecream.

Shared Cotton Candy with Jolyn! We're kids you know! :D.

And then the photos below were me acting emo :X.
So, maybe your not interest :X.

Thanks to Jolyn's Grandpa for fetching us, back to Jolyn's house instead of stopping by @ Midvalley's bus station.

Me:" The center lane. "
Jolyn's Grandpa:" WHAT??? " then he drove left.
Me:" nothingg..... "


Went to Jolyn's house,
HALF DUMB & SMART DOG, I don't know what to say.
You can't say the dog is dumb, he knows how to shake paws, and you can't said that it looks smart, because it looks blur.
I really like her dog. It comes whenever I call it. Not like my dog, LC me LOL.

Went to playground with Jolyn after having dinner and showered.
We enjoy the times.
Played her comp.
She saw me play Tetris.
I failed. LOL.

She kept saying:" VERY FAST LEH!!! "

Then Jolyn's dad fetched me home, Thank you uncle! :))))). *widesmile*

Penang Trip ended, but still, catch out my next future post! (:
And also,


Photos released @ Facebook.

Nuffnang Ad ;) Thanks world.


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