AWESOME Science Fair @ UTAR.

You know the title :).
Went to Science Fair @ UTAR.
Traveled with SR1B. OMGEEEE! :3.
Saw Amelia & Dana.
They let me sit in the middle, my ass is thaaaa fat shit :(.
Overall it was AWESOME. Except the lecture :). It was really bored. The last video of the lecture was really amazinggg. I like that.

Me with a bright smile & happy jolly mood today! :D

Bag with free stuff inside! FREE!

Lets open it ! (:

Ding Dong! Schedule for the activities @ UTAR.

I also found notebook & a pen.
I never told you guys how I New Notebooks! :3.

Inside the notebook was both game that I played with
Leo Kingdom, Wen Hao & Jolyn during the lecture. Yihong acted serious.

Look at the bra thingy that I drew. Its actually rock, paper & scissors.
I played with 3 of them AGAIN during the lecture, and got VICTORY! :P.
We're bored whatttt! :/.
Don't blame us for being bored.

Jolyn said something epic:" EH, all of us wear glasses in this row leh! "
Then I drew this! :P.

I done maths, epic fail.


This is something I queued for a thousand years.
Many people there.
Write something on a piece of A4 paper with egg white, and burn it.

My name :3.

We got free coffee there!
There were many activities there included the egg white text!
Onion DNA also!

I regret that I didn't baby J alongggggg :'(.
Kimmy & her friend, also Valerie brought their camera!
What about me & Jolyn? NONE.

Keep saying Hello(s) & Hi(s) to Tze Yuang xD.
He showed his lame face to me, after all the annoying hello(s) & hi(s), he laughed LOL. He'll probably run away from me next time when I see him :P.
I did said hello to Sang Wei Jin too! I'm teaching him to say hello :).

I am a child, love me :).

This was a happy day!
I was really happy!
Saw you


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