Grandma's Day. ♔

Haaaaaai :).
Sorry for my laziness, it won't go away.
Accept my apologize yeah :).

July 23 Saturday

Shoe box text.

Cousin with other cousin's mom

The birthday GIRL & her grandchild.


le me with birthday girl!

Mother & both daughters :).

Mother & son.

The restaurant design.
I love the BOWS!
Isn't it beautiful when it used bows to decorate their restaurant.

Yeap. I described my addiction for bows ;).

The restaurant tissue as well, Pink! :)

I actually drank this :3.
I am a big girl now.

Bitter. Beh-Tahan !

My bag.

My favourite thing, too!
兵马俑 (Bing ma yong) which was built during the dynasty Ching.
This is the fake one kay kay? :P
Oh, how I love my History! :3.

le woman with Bing ma yong.
She loves to take photos.

Her again! lols.
Spotted the Fuchsia color shirt.

Next round, home celebrate, which we always did the same thing every year :).

8080808080! :3

Shaking hands with dog :P

She's happy! :3

Looking at the other camera.

© Jason (cousin sister's bf)

& finally, the birthday celebration was over.

Happy Birthday to my Grandmother.
I hope she is happy, healthier, more younger & beautiful every year.


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