The Japanese ! :D

click Nuffnang before read, thank you :).

The Japanese girls in Kuen Cheng block yo! :D.

Our class hosted both girls, Seika & Chikaro.

*Pictures above from Kuen Cheng Albums.*

Thanks Chikaro-chan for the Hello Kitty sticker.
Girls got Hello Kitty sticker while guys get candy.
Actually I prefer getting a candy .__.

She said that this sticker she gave is base on your personality, So, you wanted me to be SHINY :P.

Our class made both notebooks for Seika & Chikaro.
Hope they like my drawing ><.

Here's a picture of my dog sniffing my camera lens :3.

I discovered something in my bathroom!
Its disgusting but a little part of it was awesome :D.
Ants moving a BEE into their territory.
I watched the whole process.
But next day, they were all gone -.-.

I know I am weird, just accept the fact of me being me :).
I am me :P.


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