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Karaoke time.

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Hihihihi =D.
Wednesday. 22/8.
Momma's Birthday.
Give my mother a huge applause thank you :).
Thank you for being the best momma to me in the whole galaxy :3.

Went out with ma friends after extra history class @ school.
Finally, Chapter 13 OVER! xD.
Too much Dynasty Ching for awhile~ Phwee :P.

The SR1A gang went Midvalley to celebrate Jia An's farewell, while us went to Timesquare for fun!!!
The last time I went to ts was errr... 3 and half years ago I guess.
Went there by monorail. I suck in monorail transport :X. ahaha. Okay, I know you will laugh, go ahead!! xD.

Changed and went to Neway for some karaokeee.
Student price, ain't cheap. #Nomorenexttime -.-.

Here are the pictures as well :).
I created a new style for the pictures in this post.
It took hours to be done, so I really hope you guys like the new style ;).

After karaoke, Wendy, Ho Yan & Jia Wen left.
Just me, Wan Yen & Yvonne together, searching for bags and stuff.
And had …

Farewell Jia An ∞

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This post is dedicate to a good friend of mine.
Thanks for spending like 7 and a half months in my life.
We're in the same primary school back then. She was a prefect. I wanted to know her for a long time. Finally I knew her now :).

17/8/12. A memorable day, for her, for me, for us. ♥
First day of holiday and I'm popping out with Jia An, Wendy, Jia Wen, Ho Yan, Yee L'm and Shu Qi  to Midvalley to celebrate plus farewell le Jia An.

We caught movie.
Bumped into Allyssa and her friend.

Before the movie, we took some pictures :).

There are also Mickeys there. Designed by college students.

Not to mention, I met Koh Zu Yi there. Trying to scare him but plan fail of course xD.
After ice age, we bought cake and have lunch @ Delifrance.

Shu Qi, playing my camera:

Starting to like France flag :P.

We're trying to snap photos to advert this restaurant.
Food advertisement.