August Surprise. ❧

Click my nuffnang ad, thank you :).

August wish, Smooth, Happy, Crazy, Fun, More friends, Family, Love, Health, Great results.
It will happen.

Olympic opening ceremony. I didn't watch :/.
It took like 4 hours, from 4a.m. to 8a.m. I guess?
Its a worldwide thing you know? :D.
Still remember before that night, skype with Jia Yin, Tze Yuang, Gideon, Hui Wen.
They tried to watch the opening ceremony, but all slept, well, I knew I did :).

Here's a sexy man.
Google search the picture :P.

728, I maybe skipped the opening ceremony, but still, I'mma still gonna get me some Olympics! :D.
The competition startssss!
This is my first time watching Olympics .__.

Weird huh?
I spent time with my family in the living room, watching Olympics that day :3.
Its a great moment.
Channel 830.

There are a lot of types of sports.
Football, archery, judo, badminton, basketball, weightlifting, diving, swimming, etc.

This little thing only want fruits -.-

  Haaallaa, thats me :).

Victoria Checking Out ! :D.
Have a great day ya'll.

“ Don't look back and try to change the past, expect something in the future. 


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