Charity Dinner 2012. ♥

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Rewind again.
11 August 2012.
Sorry for all the rewind, you must be feeling dizzy now :P.

Went to charity dinner with mom, sis.
Both Jolyn & I skipped Wen hao's awesome teenage birthday party and went to our events.

Still, I apologize to Mr. Ng and


I hope you all had fun BBQ-ing and playing in the pool.

And what I did in that day was...
I spread love by attending this dinner :3.
I'm so glad ^__^.
This dinner not like those classic ones who are wearing formal dresses and high heels walking around with cosmetic on their faces.
Its those normal ones, where you can wear anything comfortable or clothes that you like to attend there :).
And so, the photo tsunami begins......

Opening ceremony of the dinner, weird huh?

I used to like this number...

Performance timeee!
This GIRL was awesome.
She is a WOMAN.
She changes the mask on her face without people noticing, amazing right?

So she start off doing some dancing :P.

Okay, next performance, singing.
My cousin's boyfriend up there. (The one who is playing the keyboard.)
Yeahhh, I know what cha thinking ;).

Lucky draw time.
Didn't get anything~
No luck this year xD.
Last time I got a fan -.-
Second place! wooohoo, great :P.

© sister.

Rainbow jelly, yum! (Y)

And myself after the dinner~

My shoes killed my legs. Aww... :'(.

Next post will be baazaaaaar!
Farewell Jia An.

Catch up my post. Love ya.
Victoria outtt. 


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