Farewell Jia An ∞

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This post is dedicate to a good friend of mine.
Thanks for spending like 7 and a half months in my life.
We're in the same primary school back then. She was a prefect. I wanted to know her for a long time. Finally I knew her now :).

17/8/12. A memorable day, for her, for me, for us.
First day of holiday and I'm popping out with Jia An, Wendy, Jia Wen, Ho Yan, Yee L'm and Shu Qi  to Midvalley to celebrate plus farewell le Jia An.

We caught movie.
Bumped into Allyssa and her friend.

Ice Age.

Before the movie, we took some pictures :).

Shu Qi, Wendy, Jia An, Jia Wen.

There are also Mickeys there.
Designed by college students.

Me & Jia Wen.

 My emotions remind me of someone -.-.

Not to mention, I met Koh Zu Yi there. Trying to scare him but plan fail of course xD.
After ice age, we bought cake and have lunch @ Delifrance.

The girls.

Me and ze main character.  © Wendy
Shu Qi, playing my camera:

View of the restaurant.

Starting to like France flag :P.

France is ze AWESOME.

Jia An & I.

Apparently, my head looks way bigger ;'(.

From the left: Wendy, Jia An, Yee L'm & Ho Yan.

© Wendy

We're trying to snap photos to advert this restaurant.
Food advertisement.

Busy eating xD.

So I asked the waiter to help us snap some photos.

Me, Jia An, Yee L'm, Ho Yan, Jia Wen, Wendy, Shu Qi.

Me & Jia An, © Wendy

Yee L'm & Ho Yan, sister love.

Jia Wen, in love with France pictures xD.

I don't know why these pictures appear in my camera.

© Wendy

Buddy pics © Wendy

Okay, then we started to act nuts around the pictures.
I mean, We're nuts all right :P.

Acting diva with Jia An. Fat ass of mine -.-.
Cake time! :)))).

Instead of writing farewell or happy bday Jia An, we wrote We Love You Jia An.

group shot again :3.

You may find weird in this picture cause there is no candle, invisible candle, yeah.

Jia Wen was like, SMILE JIA AN! lol.

Jia An's cake.

Jia Wen & Wendy, best friends! :P

Mine ;).

We went to take pictures @ Jusco and off to bowling after that.
This is my first time bowling, I got only 15 points in 10 rounds xD.

Me & Jia An.

Ho Yan teaching Wendy.

Wendy & Ho Yan.

Me. © Jia Wen.

Here goes Wendy!

I love this shot. Jia An pro style :].

Me & Jia An's bowling shoes!

Lastly, we went back to Jusco again.
Wendy, Shu Qi, Yee L'm & Ho Yan left.
Only me, Jia An and Jia Wen.
We went to the kiddie part to play with sunglasses x3.

ffff myself -.-

Pictures that we took by machine in Jusco.
© Jia Wen for scanning in.

Okay, I was not acting cute here -.-""""

Our eyes look weird, don't we? The shock pose.

More photos: Click here.

Thats it.
Hope you guys enjoy my post once again ;P.
Love ya; Victoria Out.


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