Imagination Gone Wild.

Nuffnang Ad please please :D.

Blog theme: Turquoise :).
Sorry I keep changing my background and header. It irritates you, I knew that /.\.
My apologizes.
I fell in love with Turquoise colour :).
But still, baby pink is still my first choice!

Anyway, I'm in the Olympic mood! :3.
Watched Olympics yesterday. I mean FINALLY! My whole week was fully booked by class tests & homeworks. Interesting. N.O.T.

Lee Chong Wei, I love love love love love you!

When Lin Dan came out, I can't believe my eyes.
He is hawt ;).

China vs Korea.

Okay, photo time =D.

MSN. :P.
No idea why my mom bought that. She should buy Facebook or Blogger -.-.

Some photography as well.
Purple flower.


Happy Birthday Eugene Joey! :).

V-quotes :3.


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