Karaoke time.

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Hihihihi =D.
Wednesday. 22/8.
Momma's Birthday.

Give my mother a huge applause thank you :).
Thank you for being the best momma to me in the whole galaxy :3.

Went out with ma friends after extra history class @ school.
Finally, Chapter 13 OVER! xD.
Too much Dynasty Ching for awhile~ Phwee :P.

The SR1A gang went Midvalley to celebrate Jia An's farewell, while us went to Timesquare for fun!!!
The last time I went to ts was errr... 3 and half years ago I guess.
Went there by monorail. I suck in monorail transport :X. ahaha. Okay, I know you will laugh, go ahead!! xD.

Changed and went to Neway for some karaokeee.
Student price, ain't cheap. #Nomorenexttime -.-.

Here are the pictures as well :).
I created a new style for the pictures in this post.
It took hours to be done, so I really hope you guys like the new style ;).


After karaoke, Wendy, Ho Yan & Jia Wen left.
Just me, Wan Yen & Yvonne together, searching for bags and stuff.
And had dinner @ Food & Tea :).
The service there was okay, I guess :).

Went home after that.
Thank you Wan Yen's mother for fetching me & Yvonne home :].
Catch out my next post.
Victoria off.


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