The Match.

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Rewind to August 05 2012 please! :).
Dato Lee Chong Wei represent Malaysia, versus Lin Dan from China.

The match started from 8pm to 9pm.
Every Malaysian starred at the tv for an hour.
I scream like hell. Such a fan of DLCW.
Neighbours hate me that day :P.
21-19, Malaysia lost.
Lin Dan went around the court, Dato Lee Chong Wei kneel on the floor.

This was the ending.

Some photos that I shot for an hour :3.

Our Hero.

They are back in  court once again.

Lin Dan falling shot.

Always our Bapa badminton. 

The yes pose :P.

I like this one the most!
Handsome right?

The match ended.
I was, well, I felt nothing~
The match was agitated.
Lin Dan was awesome and of course our hero was amazing.
You've did well, your "Sorry" in Twitter was not acceptable :).

Both badminton stars end up like this:
Tied by their wives :P.
hahaha. Woman rule! xD.


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