Hello, September!

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Meow ;).
Its September!
Means, Exam month.
Sorry I ruined your happy and warmly welcome mood for September.

Its Saturday, also a lucky day for us KC-ians.
No School due to Merdeka yesterday :3.
Woke up at 2 today.
Lazy piggggg! I knew ._.
Today's so call "breakfast"


MERDEKA 55th to Malaysia
We should be proud to be a Malaysian.
Check out my profile picture description to find out :).

Own by Fitra Studio.

Watched Nickelodeon's Original Movie, RAGS yesterday too!

Max Schneider.

Keke Palmer.

Rags gang :3.

Avan Jogia from Victorious and Drake Bell from Drake & Josh also got in the act :P.

Max Schneider!
Awesome singer and sexayyy ;).

RAGS playlist are pretty awesome and nice.
Especially for those who like English pop songs alot,
well, its me :X.

Perfect Harmony
Me And You Against The World

My favourite songs in RAGS.
All in my playlist :3.
I love them.

Aww, the kissing part always that romantic.

I even post it on Twitter.
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Happy Independent Day to Malaysia.
Sorry, I've should say it yesterday.
Malaysia Boleh.

Breathe, It helps when your feeling not okay.


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