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He's a lucky guy.

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I don't wanna be a lazy blogger, but seriously... there's really nothing to post! :(. Sorry.
But here's one!
Birthday post again.

Teddy! Neighbour's dog :3
Back to the past.
Our birthday boy!!
Like father like son.

Ahh! Long lost cousin, I miss you! :D.

A happy boy's smile.
Hardcore wishinggg.

一口气吹完蜡烛心想事成 ❤

I forgot to mention!
I went to Khusus KPP on 20/11/12.

And I haven't sit on the L-licence test......
I'm too lazy to read any books.... I'm a lazy person :D.

Thats all for today.
I'm sorry I can't give all of you unexpected post. I don't go many places or shop everyday or having events everyday.. Thank you for reading and supporting me unconditionaly. Thank you guys! I love you! ❤

❥ loves by yours truly.

Never change.

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Happy Deepavali to my fellow Indian friends :).
May this festival lite up peace, health and prosperity of family ♥.

Saturday, 10/11/12.
Aunt Ling's birthday.
Sorry lack of photo.
Also my idol, Dato Lee Chong Wei marriage day.

I know I am FAT -.-

My cousin bf's Nikon V1.

My baby V's twin lol.
Fruit cake with lots of vanilla....

Next, I wanted to share the music I listen recently.

David Choi- Lucky Guy.

Carly Rae Jepsen- This Kiss.

And more. I really like this guy.
His cover is the BAM.

For more, subscribe him!

Okay, catch out my next post ;).
I love you guys! Buaiii :D

Victoria with loves

Anani Rainforest THREE

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November 07 2012, Wednesday.
We stayed in the hut for the whole night waiting for the sun to rise.
Its cold, chill through our bones and veins. We covered ourselves with thin blanket from the villa.
This is a day I will never ever forget.
A very memorable and valuable day. Not even a wealthy someone can buy this from my life...

I was like: Ah.. Finally I can feel what a teenager should do.
The best friends agreed.

We waited for the sun to rise.
Only a few of us "survived". Some already slept.
Such a romantic morning, a fresh morning.
I hardly can breathe as the breeze was chilling and I was standing on a bench for a better view.
I love this moment.. I love it. ❤
They asked:" What about it? Why so touching? "
I answered:"Its a true meaning of friendship. Clear as water of a river. Pure as a new born baby. "

This moment will forever linger in my heart.
Precious as treasure.
Enjoy the photos that I took.

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Anani Rainforest TWO

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November 06 2012, Tuesday.
Second day.
Woke up early in the morning, 7-ish.

A cup of coffee for a lovely morning :).
Sammi!!!! ♥
Most girls don't like dogs there.
I love dogs!
Sorry Rainbow, didn't take any picture with youuuu :/.

After breakfast, ORGANIC FARM! ^.^
Spent 2 hours plus being a part time farmer there xD. haha.
Being a farmer ain't easy, must face the dirt and sweat.
Still, I enjoy being a part time farmer! :D.
Its fun!!!
Also thanks to a uncle there, teaching us how to plant, pluck the vegetables :).

Karen's fish tail braid and Jing Ying's cheese face :P
Wonder what it means *guessing*

Candid shot of Yong Wen haha xD
Jolyn & My shoes. The others wore slippers ~.~.
Zu Yi & Shu Thai.

Chin Kiet. Me: "Hardworking guy is very handsome." Chien Kiet: *Strike pose*

(っˆ ヮˆ)っ Fresh tomato.

This is real handsome hardworking man :P.
After 2 hours of gardening.
Back to accommodation~

Jia Chi and Yi Chuan caught H…