Anani Rainforest ONE

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Hello hello! *wavingonehand*
Wulala, fun trip! Especially  the second night till the end of the trip .
I have so much FUUUUUUUUN with all of my best friends!

November 05 2012, Monday.

First Day of trip and I am very exciting.
I packed all of my things yesterday and have done my to-bring-list before a week of the trip.
Awesome, eh? :).
We gathered at Midvalley. But most people gather in the wrong location. Nevermind! :P.
Tour Guide came and off we go.
2 guys 1 girl- Federick Yeo, Yong Wen, Si Wen.

In bus. Chin Kiet's Pikachu here to greet all of you Mornin'


Accommodation outside view.

Beside the pool table.

Room. Like military bed -.-.
Jolyn sleep the bed on top of mine :D.

We went to river trekking.
No camera allow, so no photo taken there :/. mmm. Nevermind~

Me after river trekking :).

Noon view in the accommodation.

Took photo with a few friends :).

Jing Ying & Jolyn.

Jing Ying, Me, Karen

Karen, Jing Ying, Mua.


Karen and Jolyn.
Sorry its very bright. Camera setting problem.

Take 2.

Jolyn and Jia Yin :).

Group photo.
From the left:
Yong Wen, Karen, Yen Yee, Jing Ying, Me, Jia Yin & Federick.

Group Photo two.
Yong Wen, Jia Yin, Jolyn & Federick.

Me, Jia Yin, Jolyn.
I this!

Also visit their blog.
Jing Ying.
Karen Hoi Lam.
Jia Yin.

Night view photo.

Jolyn, Chin Kiet, Me.

Take two. I look weird...... O.O?

Take three.
Yey :B.

Sexay shot.

Start with a G and ends with a T.
Jolyn: Really rhymes leh!!!!

Sexy back haha.
Wen Hao's leg xD.

Joe Don a.k.a Comb Dragon (Read in chinese) xD.

Acting Jesus -.-llll.

Catch out Anani Rainforest TWO :D.
Till then.
Victoria with loves.


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