Anani Rainforest THREE

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November 07 2012, Wednesday.

We stayed in the hut for the whole night waiting for the sun to rise.
Its cold, chill through our bones and veins. We covered ourselves with thin blanket from the villa.
This is a day I will never ever forget.
A very memorable and valuable day. Not even a wealthy someone can buy this from my life...

I was like: Ah.. Finally I can feel what a teenager should do.
The best friends agreed.

We waited for the sun to rise.
Only a few of us "survived". Some already slept.
Such a romantic morning, a fresh morning.
I hardly can breathe as the breeze was chilling and I was standing on a bench for a better view.
I love this moment.. I love it.
They asked:" What about it? Why so touching? "
I answered:" Its a true meaning of friendship. Clear as water of a river. Pure as a new born baby. "

This moment will forever linger in my heart.
Precious as treasure.
Enjoy the photos that I took.

© Victoria Yuen
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Me covering self with blanket.
Hello :), Its cold and my leg was cramped :/.

Tess's back.

Thanks Yi Chuan :).

Chin Kiet feeling the nature.

I slept around 7 after I viewed the sunrise.
It is... beautiful.

9-ish woke up by Si Wen.
Only me in the room, sleeping.
I'm not sure where the others went, though.

After breakfast, Federick asked us to earn some fake money through life game.
Jolyn & I were really bored. Went to the karaoke location.
I bankrupt. So as Jo.
I sang çșŠćźš by ć…‰è‰Ż because I was force to.
I earned 10 dollar fake money ^.^.

Packed our bags, time to leave.

My favourite place in the villa.
The place we slept and waited the sun to rise.
The hut.


Took a few photos with friends before leaving the villa :).

Chin Kiet :3
We're A's :P

Yihong! :D

Wen Hao.

Tess Shyan :3.

Yi Chuan.

Jojojojojolyn ! :B.

We're Yong Wen group LOL.
So we're in bus two!
The rest of them we're in bus one.
Half way in the bus....
Jia Chi:" TAKE PHOTO!!!! "
Wild durian stall appears! xD.

Ate lunch again ╮(╯_╰)╭
We're still abit full.
Ming Hoong, (Y) lol.

Arrived at Midvalley.
We decided to walk :).
People keep leaving =.=.
Yihong, Wen Hao, and the childish Chin Kiet lost himself -.-.

Just us- Xin Yu, Jolyn, Dexter, Yi Chuan.
Met Beatrice in a restaurant which Dexter's friend works there.
Dexter's jokes are hilarious! lol. so as Xin Yu.

Back home with Yi Chuan.
& the trips ends here.
Hope ya'll enjoy the photos and of course, the words :B.

Victoria with loves.


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