Anani Rainforest TWO

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November 06 2012, Tuesday.

Second day.
Woke up early in the morning, 7-ish.

A cup of coffee for a lovely morning :).


Most girls don't like dogs there.
I love dogs!
Sorry Rainbow, didn't take any picture with youuuu :/.

After breakfast, ORGANIC FARM! ^.^
Spent 2 hours plus being a part time farmer there xD. haha.
Being a farmer ain't easy, must face the dirt and sweat.
Still, I enjoy being a part time farmer! :D.
Its fun!!!
Also thanks to a uncle there, teaching us how to plant, pluck the vegetables :).

Karen's fish tail braid and Jing Ying's cheese face :P

Wonder what it means *guessing*

Candid shot of Yong Wen haha xD

Jolyn & My shoes.
The others wore slippers ~.~.

Zu Yi & Shu Thai.

Chin Kiet.
Me: "Hardworking guy is very handsome."
Chien Kiet: *Strike pose*


(っˆ ヮˆ)っ Fresh tomato.

This is real handsome hardworking man :P.


After 2 hours of gardening.
Back to accommodation~

Jia Chi and Yi Chuan caught Henry Chan xD.

Lunch and then amazing raceeee.
My groupmates: Valerie, Shi Min, Esther, Jolyn :3.
When lunch, used Jolyn's phone to tweet :B.

For more....
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A little reminder, from the previous post, I mention that the whole thing I love about the trip was the second night till the end of the trip.
Here's my story.

After dinner.
We played a game which is planned by Jia Chi and organized by tour guide.
I don't know what this game called, so I call it, haunted villa. lol..
All the lights in the villa been shut down.
We separated into two groups, arranged into a straight line.
Your right hand must hold the person's left hand behind you.
Then slowly walk into the villa and cross over furnitures.
No torch light.
Just trust the person infront of you.
The person infront of my is Yihong and behind me was Chin Kiet =.=ll.

After the game, my best friends & I spent the night talking in the hut in the backyard.
It was my favourite place in the villa :3.
We played Truth or Dare, then we get bored and decide to talk, share secrets, ask questions.
I made a new friend! Tess :D. Omfg, she was friendly and nice lol.
We done many stuff in the hut lol.
And suddenly I popped out an idea.
Hey, how about we take a photo right here?
The best friends agreed.
Also thanks to Shi Min and Valerie.

From the left (TOP): Yi Chuan, Kai Zen, Yihong, Chin Kiet, Wen Hao, Zu Yi.
From the left (BOTTOM): Jolyn, me & Tess.

Best friends forever. 

Tess popped out an idea, she said:" Hey! How about we wait for the sunrise? "
Only, Yi Chuan, Chin Kiet, Wen Hao, Jolyn, Tess & Me wait the sun to rise.
Some went to sleep. Xin Yu, Jia Wei added in. Turns out eight people waiting for the sun to rise.

Sunrise photo on next post.
True words to share.

Victoria Yuen:  I really like how I feel when I am with all of you. I can be my true self. No drama, no fake laughing, no need hide anything. Most important is I can be very comfortable. Like we all are a gang.

sent on 07/11/12.

I love you guys!

Sorry if this post is bored.
I just hope our friendship last.. FOREVER. :')

Victoria with loves.


Anonymous said…
Hi Victoria,
may I know how to make booking with the organic farm? any PIC we can contact? Thanks
Victoria Yuen said…
Hi there! :-).
Really sorry that I couldn't give you an answer cause the trip was planned and arranged by a bunch of college students back then.


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