Last day of Form 4 2012 ❀

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November TWO.
Last day of school.
结业礼 in school.
So I brought my camera and yeah :).
Allow the photos to speak :B.

Hui Wen :)

Arhh! Surround by leng zai :X haha.

Epic fail. Yue Hwai's fault -.-

My face! :O.
*Spot the gays behind.*

Leo Kingdom, The Gideon :D

We know you got Magnum cert. :P.

Me & Jia Yin 

The Yun Wei :P

Leo Kingdom:" HAHAA, ME RICHSTA. " xD

Me & Jun Weng, the tall and the short xD.

Karen! =]

I love them. My good friends in class.

Jia Yin, Wan Yen, Shine Ann.

Gangnam Styleeee! :B with Susan

The 4th take already... -.-

Valerie (:

My favourite picture xD. 

The smart ass. haha. Andrew Ooi.

The seatmate, Wendy Loo! 

I always talk about Wendy Loo in Twitter.
Follow me in Twitter now. @Vicyuen

Xien Eing, my all time groupmate too.

Wei Ye, the good friend plus bully :3.

Yvonne, my good friend in class.

Gary, one of my boy friends xD. 
He is polite, manly, and a gentleman.
Most important, he is still available!
Girls, GO GET xD. haha

Vyonne & Yong Wai- Best friends for 4 years!

Oscar Lee. The tall and the short take 2.

Ho Yan & Jia Wen.

Wendy Loo, Ho Yan, Jia Wen.
Best friends.

My result.
23th -.- lol.

Time pass so fast. Appreciate it.
My friend, Weizian said: 初三的学弟学妹们,上了高一的话千万要努力,不然一定会后悔高一不是玩玩就能升班的…

Study hard, don't play play.
Form 4 ain't easy.
Goodbye to my friends this year, hello to next year. New year, new studies! ;).
Till then.
Victoria with loves.


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