November and being a woman.

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November  and I am still sexy =P. Just kidding!
Hellooooo WORLDDDDD! Long time no see :).
Its a busy weekend even though exam ended. Plus I really have nothing to post.
You know my life. I'm not those wealthy girls who goes shopping everyday lol.
I'm poor. haha.

Jolyn & I was like, we really have nothing to post. She ask me update, I ask her update. Well, we got nothing. #truestory.

November 2, trip coming! #excitingggg
I started to take care of my pimple-ish face. Lets say acne. For me, Its very terrible.
I regret. I did not take care of my face for past few years. REGRET!!!!
I put mask for the 2nd time. As you see, I'm not a girly person. I don't buy mask or whatever.
This mask is free from my mom's product. See, Its free. So don't ask me where I buy it lol.

Me in mask. Ahhhhhhh! Ghost.

Got our form for the trip.
Federick Yeo. Winnie the Yeo. He really looks like Winnie the pooh.

I done my account's project for form 4.


Next post: Last day of form 4 :3.


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