121212 ✦ Little Things.

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Personality, I don't know what so special about this date.
You can say I am a dumb person. But still I don't think its special or what so... haha. forgive me.

Have you ever listen to a song name Little Things?
Click here for the music video.
Click here for lyrics video.

Directioners don't scream -.-.
Non-directioners, put down your weapons please.
I am not a directioner and I don't have any idol.

The point is, I wanna show all of you, how precious little things are.
Have you ever did one of these things below?

and much more little things that I didn't list it out.
If you did some of these things in this list. Well, you're a person that is full of happiness.
So don't keep thinking, Why am I ugly? Why is she popular? and get rid of those negative thoughts.
Be a person who knows how to appreciate the little things.
Who says little things are not important? ;).

Monochrome. I'm addicted.

Thank you for reading .

Victoria Yuen


rEikA sUzUki said…
That song is so Nice! <3
Yea. Sometimes, little things in very important :)
Victoriayuen said…
haha, glad you like it.
Yup. little things really important. :D

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