A Day Before World End

Click click my Nuffnang! :)

Yes, went one day trip to Morib, Gold Coast with ze family before world end.
Actually, this so called "World End" is a myth to me.
Maybe you will say, "Don't be a liar, I know ya'll afraid the world to end."
I can only say If you don't believe it, this shyt won't even happen :). Danke (Thank You in German ; and you're right, I translate through Google.) I have to say Google is a great translator.
Click here to try it yourself. Sometimes I even use Google to finish off my Malay essay, hehehe ( ̄▽ ̄)~*.

First stop, Morib.
Went to Man Leong to have seafood~
Okay, photo time .

Me and sis.

Next stop, Gold Coast.

Mom and Dad.


Tea time~



Toodles .
Stay tune my next post! :D.

Victoria Yuen.


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