Christmas Eve X the gang ❤

Aloha big big world! :)
I wanna say Merry Christmas Eve to my awesome, marvelous, amazing, and loyal readers for supporting my blog (Only for my readers.) Just joking! But to the W-O-R-L-D! (>‿)
But seriously, you guys are THA BEST ! :D.

Who's going to countdown for Christmas?
Its okay to countdown with yourself. Its okay that you're single, I mean, nothing wrong with the status SINGLE right? :). As long as you all enjoy the process of counting down.

I felt lucky today cause I spent my Christmas Eve with the gang.
We planned this event a month ago, I think.
I thought its going to end, pulling the curtains down, the show is over. BUT!!!! I'm very glad that everyone I invited show up for the event.
Thanks to Jolyn, Wen Hao, Yihong, Chin Kiet & Yichuan.

Sorry lack of photos, no time plus those guys. #Guysbeingguys.
Went Pancake House with Jolyn for lunch since all of us agree not to watch movie.
Separated with the boys =.=lll.

We're more than just great pancakes.

My spaghetti :). Quite nice.

Found those bunch of people in the Garden having lunch after we had ours.
Phone conversations that makes you laugh.
Me, Yihong.
Dialed number.......
tut tut... tut tut....
" Hello? "
" Eh, where you guys now? "
" Oh! We at Food Garden. "
" Finished your food or not? "
" Not yet, still eating. "
Jolyn and I went to FG to find those bunch of people.
They all playing video game.
I salute you bunch of people haha =.=.

Later then, game time! :D
I planned this game.
The Xmas Gift.

Wen Hao gave me this =.=.

Only 6 of us know this secret -___-.
What a "surprise" lol.
Stay tune.
Sorry lack of picca.
Click Nuffnang :).
Buai ! :3.

Victoria with loves.


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