Little Pantry & Breaking Dawn part 2.

I know I know. I know your screaming loud in your mind:" Oh boy! Its Midvalley again! "
No babyeh. Its IOI Mall I went yesterday. With ze pals Jolyn & Yi Mein.
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I know. Don't judge (>ะด<)

Thanks Jolyn for the mocha kitkat

Click here to visit her blog for Japan trip post!

Breaking Dawn part 2.

I've been waiting to watch this movie for ages man! AGES! xD.
Now this is the moment! :P.
I really like Edward and Bella's child, Renesmee.
She's really pretty and she is gonna date Jacob when she grows up. *A bit jealous* haha.

Jacob:"Should I start calling you dad?"
Edward: *slightly avoid* 

Hahaha :P.

Tickets for breaking dawn.

After that, LUNCH!
Actually we're planning to have Japanese food.
Well, we knocked into Little Pantry's set lunch. Reasonable price and off we go in.
Sorry Jo, I know you like Japanese food very much. Next time okay? >.<

To be frank, I am the most happy person in the restaurant. Everybody looks normal. Even Jolyn and Yi Mein.

My reaction was like... (see the picture below).

I mean look how beautiful is this restaurant!
From the colour to the decoration to the food.
I'm in love!

Their menu is PINK PINK PINK!!!! Omg wtf.

Sorry.. I really love pink >.< *feel embarrassing*
But I am just expressing love for my favourite colour. (* ̄∇ ̄*)

Went in to the restaurant. Waiter very friendly, but their emotions... baaah.. lol.
I keep choose table. "This!" "Wait wait wait! this one!" "Nonono! This this!"
So, thank you to the waiter for being so patient to me... hehe..
Also thanks to Jolyn & Yi Mein for tolerant my addict to photos and pink (。・∀・。).

I now only realize.. This! not an ordinary plant.
Its my favourite Lavender!!! But fake lol.

Soup of the day: Tomato soup.

Set Lunch: Fish Fillet with mash potatoes, some salad, also carrots and cauliflower!

I'm gonna make ya'll jealous and suffer in hunger. MUAHAHA *evil laughs*

They also have Christmas decorations.

This very cute roses. aww.....

Thanks Yi Mein~

Don't see my face la. wtf.
Cake! I don't know what cake is that. Seriously good! (Y)

More decorations!
I risk my FACEY (้ขๅญ) to snap this photo.
Everybody in the restaurant staring at me. Jolyn and Yi Mein act like they don't know me xD hahahaha!
Embarrassing indeed.

The exit.
They also decorate the small lane. SHOOO PRETTY! *shouts and screams*

Pink roses. 

With Jolyn.


Need to cheer your girlfriend up?
Need to surprise your girlfriend?
Need a romantic lunch time with her?
Okay, not every girl likes pretty stuff. If she does, why not? :B.
Go To:
Little Pantry
Lot G002 & G18A, Groud Floor, IOI Mall.

Later on, we kill some fats!

I broke ma nail and score better than last time :D.
My hand is so painful now.
Tips for bowling: Do some warm up before you go kick bowling's ass, or it will kick yours ;).

Thanks for reading once again.
Victoria with loves babyeh!


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