I have never ever update my blog on this kind of time before. Its four in the morning. Malaysia time.
I just can't sleep. I rolled on my bed got a hundred times, I think.
This post will be full of words & links! hahaha.
Just read Jolyn's newest post and well, It really touched my heart. Full of words, but worth reading.

Actually, 2012 is not the best year for me... Just same same like the previous years.
I felt same. BUT!!!! My values about people, school, study etc changed a lot this year. People said I mature. Maybe a lot of problems keep attacking me through this year that I can't hide but to face it with a machine gun of solutions! BANG BANG! ;).

Anyway, lets get in the topic shall we???? :D.
There are links that lead to that post on every month, click to read when you're bored or you want to know more about me! :)

First day of school and I already felt worse. Without my bestie Jolyn and my stupid grandpa Yihong. Life totally spin me around. I have to adapt a new environment, new teachers, new classmates and of course thousands pile of homeworks and projects were tackling me! :(. Also I celebrated my 16th birthday!!! Thanks to my family, who are always there for me, supporting me, loving me, caring me.... :3. My birthday post Part 1 and Part 2. I also spent Chinese New Year with my cousins like usual. Went to my cousin's open house party too!

Starting to adapt the environment in my class. Outing with jolyn @ Midvalley. Woohoo!!! Celebrated Jolyn's  16th Birthday in school. Liar's Surprise. It worked out very well. I am a bit nervous and being a spy to hope that the birthday surprise mission complete. And It did! :D. Thanks to Si Jing, Pei Geng and Me! :3. Love is in the air. 14th February, Valentines Day! Its a happy Valentines Day although I am Single.

Outing with tha J and the M, Joey and Michelle @ Midvalley again.

Sports Day 2012 was exciting and lots of fun with a bunch of sor pors xP. My first time participating Jogathon. 12km of run and walk, tired mou? Jolyn & I rushed through the finish line and KABOOM! We ended Jogathon this year. Will be participating next year too! :). Thats what make you beautiful. Parents Day with SR1A. Our bond got tighten from that day on.

My cousin, Constance's full moon party! I didn't expect us to get invited >3< haha. Who is the best person in the ENTIRE WORLD? Your MOMMA. Momma day :). Teacher's Day with SR1A!!! Big surprise for out form teacher. Miss Kath. She teared haha. May 21st. Happy Birthday to Andrew. We love you our monitor! :3

I think this is the best month of this year. My mom bought me a camera that I always wanted, Baby J, also known as Baby Victoria. Thats not the end! I get to go on a trip to Penang with Jolyn and the string orchestras. Here's Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Celebrated Grandmama's 80th Birthday!!! ❤ Science Fair for SR1SCC, SR1SCD, SR1A, SR1B @ UTAR. I don't know why art class students go science fair. But who cares? As long as I have fun with the buddies! I also remember I spilled Yihong's water bottle on the floor that day. *embarrassed* The Japanese came to our school! 2 Japanese in our class. My classmates really freaked them out!

Deng deng deng deng deng!!!!!! :D. Olympics arrivedddd woosttt! In London this year. What country will be chosen??? O.O. The match between Lin Dan & Datuk Lee Chong Wei really made Malaysian's bloodstream quick rush! Sliver for Malaysia. I will always support Malaysia! Aiks! Skipped Wen Hao & Chin Kiet's birthday party and went to Charity dinner. Farewell Jia An :(((. Karaoke with the sampats @ Timesquare. Scream and shout like sor po! -.- 31st Aug. Jalur Gemilang!!!!

Only one post. lol. Nickelodeon's original movie, RAGS.

Sejarah paper 3. Damn it! 2 post for this month. Busy busy busy month :(.

Touched and true month. Bye bye form four life! :( Pack your bags and we're going to Anani Forest. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. 3rd Day, most touched and true night. A crazy idea from a girl knocked us up. Love the sunrise that day. Beautiful than city sunshines. Learned something worth sharing and keeping in hearts, true friendship.Celebrated birthday with 9 year old cousin! :D Next year 10 years old lurhhh.

Last month of the year. End of the world, didn't really happen. Or I won't be typing this post right now :P. Went IOI with Jolyn & Yi Mein. I miss the Little Pantry :'). Breaking Dawn Part 2 was AWESOME! One day trip to Morib and Gold Coast on 20th. Yikes! o.o. Merry Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas and Winter Solstice to all! :3. First time celebrate Christmas Eve with my gang! When we grow up must still celebrate together! :). Different locations, different plans. That would be awesome if we did. Hope so :).

Told you all many links de larh.
Stay Tune for January 2013 post!
Curtains down for the old year and boy pull up the new curtains for a NEW YEAR.

Good Luck ^___^!
Oh yeah.. I almost forgot my birthday coming real soon.

Victoria with loves.


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