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Mandolin ♪♬

Move your cursor to my Nuffnang Ad and click it! :P.
Its been two weeks, 14 days.
Do you miss me ^^?
Why yes you do! xD haha.

Went to my school to watch the performance by Mandolin, our school string orchestra and symphonic band with my Jia Le yesterday :P.
Forgot to mention, the tickets are.... free!
First time support my school xD.

Before the performance start.

I know.... :(.
Cute things and also angry + embarrassed things happened.
Don't want to mention it :).

Same colour tee, aww, how cute!

The girl I mention, Jia Le.
Opening ceremony took quite short time. (Doesn't seem like that -.-)

Mandolin perform.
They performed famous and popular music from all around the world.
I not a classy person, but I really love Never On Sunday.

Our school string orchestra

Went to Midvalley after string orchestra performed the first song because someone said hungry =.=.
I recommend Pancake House to Jia Le cause the food there are delicious and also have reasonable price :).
Shot a few…

Hopes & Dreams 2013.

I did mention that I am going to talk about school life on my previous post :D. Yes?
But first, lets play a little game.
Find 3 magic words on this magic word puzzle. lol. Everything seems magic and fresh right? xD
Warning! You may only choose 3 words, no cheat, no restart. These magical words will happen in your life through this year.

What words did you get?
Well, mine is Love, Intelligence, Experience.

This post will be words again. Just wanna describe my school life on 2013.
First day of school and I felt awesome, amazing! I get to see my old classmates again, felt so happy ^.^.
Changed seats.
My new seatmate, Jia Le! :P.
At the front are Jian Seng & Yong Wai, behind Monitor xD haha and Wen Wei.
Six of us every day laugh laugh laugh. I felt awesome and happy!!! :)))).
Especially Yong Wai, I every day tweet about him @ Twitter. I will laugh until stomachache. lolol.

I really like all my classmates! hehe. Especially ze seatmate. Laugh die her every time Yong Wai talked.
I hope t…

Bittersweet 7-Teen ∞

Stab my Nuffnang Ad with your sharp cursor >:3.
Bonjour everyone! :3.
I know this is late, but I am still going to post it on my blog, like I always do. Not important to you, but really important to me.
Why? See the title ^_^.

Why Bittersweet 7-teen?
To be frank, this is the best birthday compare to the last 16 years of my birthday. I got presents from the people I didn't expect to. I thought no one will give me present. scroll down my blog to see the presents. Not to make you jealous, but seriously, I really first time got 3 presents. Less but satisfy. Sometimes we must be satisfy for the things we have or had. And this year I also very sampat, unlike last year, quiet like poop haha. No friends. So this is the "sweet" part. Lol. (So long only talk about the "sweet" part). I shall talk about the school on next post :). The "bitter" part is I am going to sit for an important exam this year, S-P-M! Creators of UPSR & PMR. Dafuq xD. I learn from Li…

2 0 1 3 ✽

Happy New Year 2013! ❤
New year, new hopes, new dreams, new challenges.

I don't feel like going school tomorrow :'(.
2 more days and I'm seventeen.

Hopes and Dreams for this year :) ♥
All of my beloveds stay happy, healthy.Entire exam get many A's.Stay happy and healthy.Make more new friends.Stick with the old friends.Plan a party after SPM.Plan a trip after SPM.Bff bond get stronger.Study hard.Get well with classmates.Shop more.Self calm. This is my wish. Very simple :).
Stay tune. This is a simple post.

❥ Victoria Yuen xoxo.