Bittersweet 7-Teen ∞

Stab my Nuffnang Ad with your sharp cursor >:3.

Bonjour everyone! :3.
I know this is late, but I am still going to post it on my blog, like I always do. Not important to you, but really important to me.
Why? See the title ^_^.

Why Bittersweet 7-teen?
To be frank, this is the best birthday compare to the last 16 years of my birthday. I got presents from the people I didn't expect to. I thought no one will give me present. scroll down my blog to see the presents. Not to make you jealous, but seriously, I really first time got 3 presents. Less but satisfy. Sometimes we must be satisfy for the things we have or had. And this year I also very sampat, unlike last year, quiet like poop haha. No friends. So this is the "sweet" part. Lol. (So long only talk about the "sweet" part). I shall talk about the school on next post :). The "bitter" part is I am going to sit for an important exam this year, S-P-M! Creators of UPSR & PMR. Dafuq xD. I learn from Ling Big Yong, a Chinese youtuber. Check out his videos. Very funny.

Okay, now only start my birthday post xD. hahaha. Got a bit long lah. Sowie.

January 03 
For those who really really remember my birthday, can I give you a big hug? :O.
Sometimes its very touching when you knew someone remembers your birthday without checking out Facebook. So from now on, I start to memorize people's birthday. Not ask them to thank me or something. Its what a friend should do, you know? :).

Celebrated my birthday @ Xenri.
Its a nice Japanese restaurant to have a romantic dinner with boyfriend/girlfriend, yet expensive :'(.

Me in the restaurant, random dress and heels.

Here comes the food.

The desserts ..
To be honest, I first time like to eat cheese cake.
I dislike some dairy products. Like milk, cheese. But I like melted cheese, and ice-cream made by milk. hahah. Very confuse right? Hehe. That is me marh ^.^.

Cheese cake with green tea and Japanese red beans.
Thanks to the person who made this. Its really good (Y).

Small piece of Tiramisu, not bad :D.

Me & Daddy! ^_^

Last photo, okay the end, lol.

Okay, now I am going to start a ceremony of thanking people, so If you don't want to read, you can leave or skip to the other posts ^__^. I respect your choice.

My family.
Thank you for everything. Thank you mummy, daddy, sis. You all are my everything. Thanks for loving me, taking care of me, most important, love me for me. You all had done so much, yet I don't know how can I repay you all. I love you all ❤ .

My best friend, Jolyn Toh.
Thank you for being with me in all times. 3 years. It ain't easy, especially form 4. Separate classes. Best friends not those who know you very long time, its for those who stand by your side no matter your mood changes, your in trouble, in adventure, being crazy, needs a listener etc. 3 years of journey we walked through. Thanks for being true to me. Sharing secrets with you. I still remember, 20/05/11..... I will always remember that time and other times we had and spent together. Thank you, Toh Jolyn. I am the luckiest person in the world, because I have you as my best friend & "babe" haha. Also thank you for your puffy love,wish badge and the love letter hehehe.

My friends from social network and real life.
Thank you to my friends from Facebook, Twitter and those who in real life who wished me Happy Birthday. Seriously, thank you!!!

Here are the gifts I received. Thank you.

Thank You to Jolyn, Michelle Wai & Jia Yin.
& thank you who spent time to read my blog :).
I will blog about my process of blog when 1000th post. Stay tune.
Have a nice day.

Victoria Yuen xoxo.


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