Hopes & Dreams 2013.

I did mention that I am going to talk about school life on my previous post :D. Yes?
But first, lets play a little game.
Find 3 magic words on this magic word puzzle. lol. Everything seems magic and fresh right? xD
Warning! You may only choose 3 words, no cheat, no restart. These magical words will happen in your life through this year.

What words did you get?
Well, mine is Love, Intelligence, Experience.

This post will be words again. Just wanna describe my school life on 2013.
First day of school and I felt awesome, amazing! I get to see my old classmates again, felt so happy ^.^.
Changed seats.
My new seatmate, Jia Le! :P.
At the front are Jian Seng & Yong Wai, behind Monitor xD haha and Wen Wei.
Six of us every day laugh laugh laugh. I felt awesome and happy!!! :)))).
Especially Yong Wai, I every day tweet about him @ Twitter. I will laugh until stomachache. lolol.

I really like all my classmates! hehe. Especially ze seatmate. Laugh die her every time Yong Wai talked.
I hope this will go on and on and on..... and on and on.. lol. kay.
Just a simple post! (: Nice starting Best result at the back, sure wan! ^^.

Victoria Yuen xoxo.


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