Mandolin ♪♬

Move your cursor to my Nuffnang Ad and click it! :P.

Its been two weeks, 14 days.
Do you miss me ^^?
Why yes you do! xD haha.

Went to my school to watch the performance by Mandolin, our school string orchestra and symphonic band with my Jia Le yesterday :P.
Forgot to mention, the tickets are.... free!
First time support my school xD.

Before the performance start.


I know.... :(.

Cute things and also angry + embarrassed things happened.
Don't want to mention it :).

Same colour tee, aww, how cute!

The girl I mention, Jia Le.

Opening ceremony took quite short time. (Doesn't seem like that -.-)

Mandolin perform.

They performed famous and popular music from all around the world.
I not a classy person, but I really love Never On Sunday.

Our school string orchestra 

Went to Midvalley after string orchestra performed the first song because someone said hungry =.=.
I recommend Pancake House to Jia Le cause the food there are delicious and also have reasonable price :).
Shot a few photos while waiting for the food.

I got a baby.... -.-.

We ordered one set and share.

The pancake is really good. I mean like serious. Thumbs up bro! lol.
Ate Baskin Robins and home we go.

Catch out my next event :D.

Victoria Yuen xoxo.


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