My Chinese New Year 2013 ❣

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Hey guys! How did you celebrate your Valentines Day? Most importantly, how did you celebrate your Chinese New Year (To the Asians) Not being racist but, not everyone celebrates Chinese New Year, If I'm not wrong....

Okay... I didn't receive any gifts on Valentines Day, like usual. But, I did get a few.. a little wishes from my friends. Some forgot to wish, but thats okay for me, cause I will forget it too hahaha.

I'mma show you how I celebrate my Chinese New Year for this year. Get ready cause I am going to have lots of pictures coming up on this post!!! :D.

Chu 1.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Fireworks in front of my house, how awesome is that!!?? Means that I am SUPERRRRRR LUCKKKAYYY throughout this year! :).

Chu 3.

Its great to be back to Perak! :D
The place that I can escape myself from the busy city, stupid homeworks xD.
Our relatives really use their heart to decorate their house, unlike my house hahaha. Okay, to me its very nice already la :P.

Oh hello Bobby :3.

My new friend 。◕‿◕。

Got forever alone feel anot? :P.

The playground.

At night.

Neighbour's deco.

We played fire crackers and fireworks.
I didn't play much, cause I don't want to get hurt haha.
I'm quite scared of these things.
I still remember my sister & I played fire crackers like madddd with our cousin's during our childhood.

Chu 5.

Happy Valentines Day ya'll! ;).

Its not about the couples, Its about the love everyone sharing (:
So single people out there don't feel sad la! To be frank, actually single has nothing to sad about... lol.
Cheer cheer!
Saw many #ForeverAlone #OfficialForeverAloneDay on ma twitter.
Pictures about that forever alone guy all over my facebook! arghhh! loool.

Went out dinner with D' relatives!


Simple look for that day.
Want to tie super lazy bun?
3 steps to goal. Super easy!!! :). No need any products, just bobby pins and two rubber bands.

Catch out my next post for stylish hair haha :).

Chu 6.

#Lousang1, visited relatives house again~
Didn't take any photos cause forgot to bring along camera... :'(.

Chu 7.


This year lou sang two times!
For the first time lehhh! haha
Super thin Salmon, buttt! still gud (Y) :D.

And then we get maddd again in KL. lol.

I look like ghost in here hahaha.


Okay, laugh all you want xD.

Finally something nice!!! hahaha.

Most awesome thing I saw this year.
I saw 2 TOO!!!!



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