Super Lazy Bun!!!! WHAAA? :P

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Hi! I am back! :). Sorry for letting ya'll wait for me for AGES! To be honest, I already took the photos for the tutorial, BUTTTT!!! It came out like, shyt. haha. So yeah, I decided to take it again today! I'm so busy through the week and exams are around the corner, so I am rolling in the deep and stay with the books. #OHNO

Anyways, this is my first hair tutorial that I am gonna show all of you ;). So I am quite nervous while taking the pictures. Ahh! This not nice. Ahh! That not nice. haha. I just want to share the PERFECT MOMENTS with ALL OF YOU! So please appreciate my photos, hahaha :P.

Just a little reminder: This hair tutorial require medium or long hair.

1) Prepare the materials based on the photo.
- Any kind of rubber band also can :D.
- Bobby pins can either use short or long. **I prefer long ones :)**

2) Tie a pony tail.
- Pony tail = Height of your bun.
- You can choose to tie high or low. **I prefer high, got Korean style**

3) Swirl your hair, turn your pony tail clockwise.
- Use your hand to stable the half-swirled-pony tail.

It will eventually form a "bun shape"

4) Fixed your bun by using the second rubber band.

And there you go!!! ;).
Use bobby pin to clip the remaining hair. If you like the remaining hair, leave it. Your choice~

TAAAADADAA !! ^_____^

You can also use hair accessorises to decorate your hair. Such as Ribbons (My favourite!! :X), Hair Band (Need to be thin, don't use thick ones, not really good) or some Jewelries instead. Like the photo below.

Have fun and stay beautiful! :D

Last week's photos: 23/02/2013.
Photo 1,2: credits to Tang Yi Chuan

Sexy lady :P.

1st & 2nd :).

Credits: Lee Jing Ying.
Beautiful princess :).

Ignite your inner FIRE.

Bye! Thanks for reading! Muacks!

Victoriayuen xoxo.


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