To the VIF. ❤

This post is dedicate to...

***Caution! This is a long post, kindly close this window If your not interested.***

Please play this song while reading :3.

Cher Lloyd feat. Becky G - Oath

Its been 3 years :). Knew you since form 2, and then became best friends because we have things in common. Thanks for being there for me, no matter up and down or left and right. When I look through our photos while making the slideshow, I was like, wow, we been best friends for so long already arh! Time passes so fast that I didn't notice. Sorry, the slide I made failed. I felt so flunk and pressure yesterday because of the slide. I'm so sorry.... :'(.

After being losers for many years.. Ahaha, maybe I'm the loser. lol. We finally found our gang. A gang that we can stay comfortable, happy and make fun of each other without being mad. 4 Boys 2 Girls :3. We are a gang, best friends forever! . Jolyn arh! I hope you are happy with our surprises that day... February 07 2013. Sorry this time early celebrate, cause your birthday is on holiday. 一份礼物, 九份心意 :D. All thanks to Rachel Si Jing, Wen Hao, Yihong, Yi Chuan, Zu Yi, Chin Kiet, Yun Wei & Loo Hor. 9 people, one gift. Hope you love the birthday song and our gift :3.

This is the last year for you in KC. I still got one year to go, omgggg. Nevermind, we 里应外合. lol. Just kidding! :P. After I graduate, we can finally go do whatever we want! :D Okay? Actually I really she bu de you, but I must let go of you, so you only can fly marh :P. Am I right? Say I am right!!!! xD. After graduate, please go find a better man :). Better than him. A man who will not let you fall a single tear... A man can make you laugh with goofy jokes. A man will protects you no matter what. A man will let you fall in love with him. Hehhe :). But! In one condition, cannot abandon me arh ! I will always be here for you, when you tear I will wipe away, when people bully you I will slap the shyt out of them... :3. You can always count on me.

Oh! I almost forgot. Yesterday you asked me, why I want three words from you right???
See below lah! :P.

Pretty, Smart, Cute.
Yes. Thats you! :).
Let me tell you something...

I may not be your bestest friend, but I promise I will try my best to make you happy.

You may ask me, what is VIF???
Its Very Important Friend.
Congratulations, you up level :P.
New to upgrade anything? :).

Pictures I made just to make you happy.

Our Gang.

This is my oath to you, Toh Jolyn ;-).
Don't cry. Don't tear. Just let me occupy a little space in your heart, that is enough.

Toh Jolyn

Victoria Yuen xoxo.


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