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How to love yourself ♔.

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Ladies and women, girls and female, I know that you've gone through break ups, being dumped, hurt, tearing all night or tearing till your heart rips off, unable to forget someone or something that you loved, suffer, betrayal etc. I understand those pain, and as a female myself, I've gone through those too. I'm not being sarcastic or bossy shyt to the boys, but the truth is, every girl around you hurts more than you do. And If you use your heart to feel her pain, she maybe smiling, but inside her, I don't think so.

One day, inspiration come knocked onto my door. It said:" Hey, why don't you write a post about how to love yourself to the girls out there, so they could love themselves? " Yeah, thats a great idea, so I did it! Maybe your a female yourself, but you would not like to read this, Its okay for not to.

How to love yourself.

Believe in love, miracles, dreams and hopes.Keep yourself healthy and safe.Be independent.L…

Earth Day.

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Hey! I know you all waited my post for ages. Exams just ended. Wow, its like yesterday. I think I did quite well on the papers, but one thing, I didn't put much effort this time. I'm gonna study really supper hard for the next term. Wish me luck.

Throw everything away cause holidays are here! :)))). Put a smile on your face, there's gonna be some fun right here! I don't have any events temporarily. I will have them soon! real soon. Trust me ^.^. I just know that, well, dude.. I frigging need some rest. So, I think I will engaged to my bed this holiday. \ ˚▽˚ /
I forgot when, I think it was before the exams. I watched one movie on HBO. And well, I like it sooo much! To be honest, I love to watch movies more than drama series. Especially western movies! They're just too good! haha. From the filming, clothing design, character design, to their movie category. Those action, adveturous, love. Especially the action movies. I love them alot, I ca…

Its March! What's Going up next?

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TIME, Y U NO PASS SLOWER?!?! Hello readers (seem formal enough. #Closeenough) sorry for the 'rude' greeting. Just wanted to heat up this post with some meme quotes since I lack of picture haha. Hello March, hellonew goals and hopes.

March. Mmm....... What are your march plans? Mine is easy. Guess!!!!
Beep! Game Over or You Won. Yes, exam month.
To be honest, I am very tired and abit stress for the whole week, even on weekends! baaahhhh. I just want to scream!! Or maybe not, neighbours will KILL ME! haha. But seriously ._.
But one good news, after exam, D' HOLIDAYS!!!!! 
Yes, you heard me! Holidays!!!!! I am waiting for them to approach muah :D.

Last but not least, Thank you all for supporting my hair tutorial. I will make more tutorial in the future! :).
Thanks for reading, and I hope all of you have a nice day :D.
Smile, not overboard.