How to love yourself ♔.

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Ladies and women, girls and female, I know that you've gone through break ups, being dumped, hurt, tearing all night or tearing till your heart rips off, unable to forget someone or something that you loved, suffer, betrayal etc. I understand those pain, and as a female myself, I've gone through those too. I'm not being sarcastic or bossy shyt to the boys, but the truth is, every girl around you hurts more than you do. And If you use your heart to feel her pain, she maybe smiling, but inside her, I don't think so.

One day, inspiration come knocked onto my door. It said:" Hey, why don't you write a post about how to love yourself to the girls out there, so they could love themselves? " Yeah, thats a great idea, so I did it! Maybe your a female yourself, but you would not like to read this, Its okay for not to.

How to love yourself.

  1. Believe in love, miracles, dreams and hopes.
  2. Keep yourself healthy and safe.
  3. Be independent.
  4. Love your family, best friends and your lover (If you have one)
  5. Don't find love, let love find you.
  6. Always be positive and cheerful.
  7. Learn how to cook.
  8. Don't beg for love in a relationship, let go if possible.
  9. Be adventurous.
  10. A few best friends is much more better than a group of fake ones.
  11. Meet new people in the world.
  12. Use your own savings to travel.
  13. Study hard and get a good job.
  14. Think more, talk less.
  15. Read more books to gain knowledge.
  16. Listen more, criticize less. 
  17. Act like a lady, think like a boss, work like a man.
  18. Buy quality clothings.
  19. Dress nicely, not slutty.
  20. Indulge yourself with desserts/ the food you like.
  21. Pick up a hobby.
  22. Cry over a thing yesterday and stay strong tomorrow.
  23. Smile and laugh more.
  24. Live your life to the fullest.
  25. Ignore the haters.
  26. Treat everyone nicely, no matter he/she loves or hates you.
  27. Love and take care the nature.
  28. Respect others.
  29. Love your father more than other man in the world, because no man would love you like your father.
  30. Be yourself.
  31. Listen to music you like.
  32. Spend some quality time with yourself.
  33. Concentrate on the things you love to do. (Reading books, photography, knitting etc.)
  34. If possible, pick up a sport.
  35. Forget the past, look forward to the future.
  36. Cherish the people who loves and hates you.
  37. Forget the bad memories and remember the good ones.
  38. Always be confident.
  39. Stop argue, be calm.
  40. Solve a problem seriously.
  41. Express your feelings through your hobbies.

Thats 41 ways to love yourself :). If you any ideas, please leave some comments this post ^.^. Feel free to leave comments right here! ;).

Victoriayuen, piece yo! ✌


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